Welcome to JEDI!

JEDI (JILA Excellence in Diversity and Inclusivity) was formed in 2018 to lead and support JILA’s commitment to actively seek and support diversity as an integral element of a collaborative and world-leading research institute. JEDI is a self-nominated group of JILAns focused on advancing effective diversity and inclusivity through education and activities within JILA and collaboratively with the CU community. JEDI includes JILA Fellows, Staff, Students and Postdocs. All JILAns are welcome in JEDI to lead, participate, provide input and/or share their perspectives and experiences.

JILA’s Debbie Jin Community Rooms, located in the JILA S-wing, second floor room S209/S211/S215, is a dedicated space to support JILA’s JEDI efforts as well as to provide our graduate students and postdocs with a place to gather, unwind and work together. The suite of rooms features a meeting area, lounge/relaxation area and desk/work area and is well stocked with games, books and supplies. The room is open and available at all times. Affinity groups and other JEDI or student/postdoc groups may also meet informally as well as set meetings in the Debbie Jin room.